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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm Learning HTML and CSS! Huzzah!

Note: This post is meant to be a part of my final presentation for my Editing and Design class. Unless you have a deep-seeded desire to see me play with some GIFS to make a semi-interesting HTML code and try to make semi-witty comments while doing so, this post probably isn't for you.

Welcome to the first blog post I've ever created using HTML! History is being made here today. Well, marginally speaking. Before working on this final project, the extent of my HTML knowledge was copying and pasting codes into my MySpace profile to attempt to convince people that they should want to be one of my Top 8 Friends.

MySpace Profile
This was so important.
In fact, before embarking on this project, I did not know that CSS was a thing. It is a thing. An important thing. In fact, I used said thing to make that handy-dandy disclaimer at the top of this post.

And it's like the fog (of coding ineptitude) has lifted.
I started expanding my coding knowledge by going through a couple of basic tutorials at the HTML Dog website. I completed both the Basic HTML tutorial and the Basic CSS tutorial. I was tempted to skip the CSS tutorial since I had set out only to learn HTML, but I am very glad I didn't. There's not much fun to be had with HTML without CSS.

If you're currently sitting in my Editing and Design class, congratulations! You get to hear me talk about the gory details of these tutorials and look at the approximate HTML code for this post (it's approximate because Blogger is really stoopie when it comes to HTML formatting). If not, enjoy Stephen Colbert waving goodbye to you.